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Welcome to the Skepticats Bug Tracker!

This is the issue tracker and project management site for my personal projects, large and small (mostly small). You can use it to report bugs, view outstanding issues, find releases, and look at development notes.

Feel free to register for an account if you would like to report an issue. Registrations via Open ID are supported, but posting anonymously is turned off to prevent spam.

If you have any questions or feedback about the projects here, please reach out. My contact information is available here.
  • [i]
    A fork of go-tool, a command-line Python utility for quickly changing directories. This fork adds support for Power Shell on Windows as well as some other features, including shortcut prefixing, that are useful for both Windows and UNIXy systems.
  • [i]
    Joy of ROX
    A collection of programs, scripts, and articles for the ROX Desktop Environment.

    This project is here for archival purposes only. The code and documents it contains are no longer maintained.
  • [i]
    A web-based comic reader built to access your home comic collection from anywhere and optimized for mobile devices.

    This project is still in the early stages of development. It is functional, but totally undocumented.
  • [i]
    A file-base weblog and mini-CMS. Features an event-based plugin system, theme support, and blogging API support, in addition to all the basic things you'd expect.
  • [i]
    Anti-social bookmarking at its finest.

    Lnto is a bookmark organizer and URL shortener. It allows you to organize and analyze your bookmarks and create a customized homepage. You can use it to share bookmarks too, but the real focus is on how you use them.

    Lnto is written in Python using the Flask framework and SQLAlchemy.
  • [i]
    Server-based customization system for the Roksbox media app for Roku written in PHP. It allows you to customize your media listing, create video playlists, and other goodies.
  • [i]
    A Komodo extension that adds a bookmark list and the ability to select an edit buffer by name. Originally developed by Davide Ficano, I've just updated this to work in Komodo 7 and up.