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This disorganized collection of server pages isn't doing it. We need a controller framework of some sort. Doesn't need to be fancy, just has to be able to dispatch requests to class methods rather than having a huge nest of code in the global scope.

1) Front controller or dispatching pages (requests should not go directly to the controller file) with routing to controllers based on the URI. This could be convention-based or via a route table, or a combination.
2) Some form of parameter abstraction, so no need to directly access $_GET and $_POST.
3) A standard "redisplay with error" feature. This will probably need to consist of some controller features and some view/template features. The idea is that there should be a standard way to redisplay a form/page and inject an error message into it, preferably with as little extra code as possible.
4) A way to control the response type would be nice. For example, a query string parameter that tells the controller to treat a request as an AJAX call rather than a full page load.
5) Some sort of validation framework would be nice. Maybe a declarative way to validate form parameters and return appropriate error messages.
 pageer (pageer)
Feb 24, 2019
This doesn't need to be its own issue. Some of it is already in progress anyway and the stuff that matters will get worked into other things.
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