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icon_project.png LnBlog / Closed Bug report #68 Getting blog in subdirectory doesn't work properly
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It seems that pulling the blog ID for a blog that lives in a sub-directory of the web root doesn't work properly. The bloglist in system.ini stores a relative path to the blog, but around line 700 of blogconfig.php, the code that gets the blog ID from the query string strips all non-word characters from the blog ID, including path delimiters. This doesn't affect all code paths as many of them get the blog ID from a PHP script. However, it does affect the search plugin.
Steps to reproduce this issue
# Create a blog underneath the LnBlog folder, e.g. with a path like "LnBlog-test/myblog".
# Add some test entries to the blog.
# Use the sidebar search plugin to run a search. The result is a boat-load of messages like the following:
"Unable to locate blogID LnBlogtestmyblog2. Make sure the ID is correct or add an entry to the [bloglist] section of system.ini."