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icon_project.png roksboxer / Open Enhancement #5 Move URL outside of actual files
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Currently, the system works by sitting in the web root and intercepting calls to non-file URLs. This is too limiting - we need to be able to intercept ''all'' URLs in order to do things like turn poster images and subtitles on and off, because Roksbox checks them using direct requests, not the folder listings.

The problem is that we can't just intercept everything because we don't want to stream the videos through a PHP script (at least, I don't think we do), which means files still need to be directly accessible. So the easiest solution seems to be a parallel virtual directory structure.

The idea is that the entry point script would live in a directory under the web root and intercept all requests beneath that directory. It would then use application configuration data to map those URLs to the actual video/music/picture directories. It can then redirect file requests to the real location, which is in a different directory that is still web-accessible.
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